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The door is made in the Absiglass technology - a new generation construction material


We have a gold medal of the MTP Group at Budma 2022!

The doors produced in our proprietary Absiglass technology were created with the future in mind. Regardless of whether we look at them through the prism of ecology or our electricity bills. In each of these aspects, they win, either thanks to the use of recyclable materials, or through the departure from wood, ending with not transferring heat to the outside of the building, which effectively reduces the amount of energy required to heat the room or the entire house. In addition, thanks to the polymers used, we have created a door that is completely unresponsive to the environment. Regardless of whether you want to install them in Yakutsk, where severe frosts will try to take their toll on them, or you are thinking about beach areas, where salt and sand combined with temperature have passed many doors. Our doors using Absiglass technologies will not be afraid of any enemy, no matter if it is weather conditions or a burglar, because they also have an anti-burglary certificate.

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